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Malek Fahd Islamic School
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Learning and Study Skills

Some examples of learning and study skills are:

Effective listening:

"The classroom is the place to learn, and the classroom is the place to listen."

William H Armstrong.

Understanding instructions: know exactly what is required of you. Note taking: write notes in a concise and organised manner. Write down the main ideas, content and information. Listen carefully when a teacher elaborates on important material and then briefly summarize.

Time management: start to manage your time at the beginning of the term. Plot your due dates for assignments, exams, and other important dates on a large calendar. Set some goals and think about how much time it will take to accomplish these goals. Set priorities and be flexible.

Problem solving: this involves logical thinking and effective interpersonal skills.

Preparing for exams: be organised. Make a study schedule. Study in a quiet, comfortable location where distractions and interruptions are minimal.Be sure to eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and take time to exercise and relax.

  • 2016 HSC Results

    By the Grace of Allah, MFIS stands 76th in 2016 HSc results in NSW. Our highest HSC ATAR was scored by Abdul Wahid - 99.6. 40% of our students had more than 90 ATAR this year.We are again ranked first in Bankstown.

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