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Malek Fahd Islamic School
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Caring for Students

Below are some of the policies implemented by Malek Fahd Islamic School.

Students healthy eating

It is the school commitment to make sure that our students have healthy eating habits by providing a variety of healthy food at the school canteen. Also, the school banned some of types of food that include fatty contents, chocolate and confectionary food, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks. Orders for lunch must be placed in the morning before 10:00 am. Any late orders will not be taken after 10:00 am. Baskets should be sent to the canteen. Students must be lined up properly to be served.

Students counselling

Malek Fahd Islamic School is committed in supporting the wellbeing of our students. We aim to develop student achievement by providing a benevolent and supportive learning environment. We appreciate and value each child's potential to learning and endeavour to provide an environment where students feel safe, respected and supported. The school has in place a school counsellor to assist students and staff with the educational, social, emotional and behaviour needs of students.

How can the School Counsellor help?

Counsellors see students on a range of problems stemming from school and home. Situations that may affect a student's learning capacity vary on issues such as; learning difficulties at school, problems at home, grief and loss, behavioural problems at school and home, problems with peers or teachers, social skills, tertiary course options and conflict resolution.

How to contact the School Counsellor?

Referral to the school counsellor can be made by the student themselves, parents or staff members. Referrals by the student themselves, must be made before 8.30am, during recess or lunch, and after 3.30pm.

As a rule, session attendance and discussions between students and the counsellor is confidential. However, there are occasions where there is a legal requirement for the counsellor to disclose. Cases such as mandatory reporting of child abuse and any threat of danger to the student or others must, by law, be disclosed to appropriate persons. Information regarding the nature of counselling sessions will not be disclosed without the students consent, or in rare exceptions to the above listed.

Learning and Study Skills

Some examples of learning and study skills are:

Effective listening:

"The classroom is the place to learn, and the classroom is the place to listen."

William H Armstrong.

Understanding instructions: know exactly what is required of you. Note taking: write notes in a concise and organised manner. Write down the main ideas, content and information. Listen carefully when a teacher elaborates on important material and then briefly summarize.

Time management: start to manage your time at the beginning of the term. Plot your due dates for assignments, exams, and other important dates on a large calendar. Set some goals and think about how much time it will take to accomplish these goals. Set priorities and be flexible.

Problem solving: this involves logical thinking and effective interpersonal skills.

Preparing for exams: be organised. Make a study schedule. Study in a quiet, comfortable location where distractions and interruptions are minimal.Be sure to eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and take time to exercise and relax.

  • 2016 HSC Results

    By the Grace of Allah, MFIS stands 76th in 2016 HSc results in NSW. Our highest HSC ATAR was scored by Abdul Wahid - 99.6. 40% of our students had more than 90 ATAR this year.We are again ranked first in Bankstown.

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